AB Astro blasting helmet

The AIRBLAST ASTRO is your number one choice economy Abrasive Blasting Helmet which meets safety standards worldwide including Europe, The Americas, Middle East and Far East. CE approved.

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AB Blast Room

Each Airblast Blast Room is engineered to the highest quality standards and is supplied with region specific certification. The key elements and processes in a blast room are detailed below.

Abrasive Management

After impacting the substrate abrasive falls to the floor and through the grating into the recovery system, or remains of the floor to be manually moved into the recovery system in the case of sweeping pit, cross conveyor, U & H shape recovery systems. The abrasive is guided onto the recovery system by a V-hopper section designed to ensure that overload is impossible. Airblasts scrapper and conveyor recovery systems both utilse totally enclosed, sealed for life, maintenance free motors. The recovery system transports the abrasive to the bucket elevator (which utilizes Columbus buckets to ensure that overload is impossible) which delivers the abrasive into the cascade cleaning system with double air wash and vibrating screen abrasive classification. From the cascade cleaner the abrasive is deposited in a silo ready for return to the blast pot and reuse.

Dust Management

Dust laden air is extracted from the room through wall mounted ducts and enters the inlet plenum of the collector where heavy particles fall immediately into the hopper. As the air flows through the filter cartridges dust is deposited on the outside of the filtering media. Solenoid valves introduce jets of high-pressure air into each pair of cartridges alternately – the resulting reverse airflow cleans the filter cartridges. Dust removed from the filter surface settles into the hopper. As each pair of filter cartridges is cleaned in succession the operation is uninterrupted. Air inlet grids return 80% – 90% of the air back into the blast room, this is critical especially in climate controlled blast rooms.

Electrical Panel

The Electrical Panel is the central point from which each of the elements of the blast room can be controlled and monitored. Pre-loaded start up and shut down sequence programs ensure ease of use and the inclusion of the Startriangle starter guards against electric overload.

Airblast blåseklokke

Leveres som 50, 100 og 200 ltr klokker.

ATEX godkjent.

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ABD 1000 Pressure blast cabinet

The pressure blast system uses a pressurized vessel to propel abrasive onto the substrate at a high velocity in order to provide a clean and profiled surface, this system utilizes cartridge filters with reverse pulse jet cleaning. The pressure blasting cabinets can be used with all types of abrasive including steel abrasive.

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AB 61 Suction blast cabinet

The vacuum injection system uses a vacuum to draw abrasive from a hopper and propel it onto a substrate in order to provide a clean surface, this system has two filter options: cloth filter bags or cartridge filters. The vacuum injection system is designed to be used with lighter abrasives such as aluminum oxide, glass beads, garnet or walnut shells.

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